We are committed to  education
The Ilean and Matthew Harris Foundation is committed to providing educational virtual outreach to support women, minorities, and under-represented entrepreneurs with training to teach them how to develop their businesses. 
We know from our personal journey that minorities experience racial and economic inequality as a result of educational inequality. 
Not surprisingly, many hard working individuals are at a huge disadvantage and with a lack of knowledge as to what resources are available to them to succeed. 

That is why the Ilean & Matthew Harris Foundation was launched- to help bridge the gap between minority business owners and a wealth of information that can help them succeed in their respective fields.

A bit more about Ilean & Matthew Harris:

Matthew Harris grew up in South Africa and moved to the United States in the year 2000. He received a BA in Communications with an International Emphasis from Andrews University. Matthew brings over a decade of experience to the Ilean & Matthew Harris Foundation and has coached people around the world.

Ilean is a digital training expert. The daughter of Cuban immigrants to the United States, Ilean was the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. Ilean holds several Bachelor’s Degrees in addition to a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Ilean brings her experience and success driven strategies to the  Ilean & Matthew Harris Foundation.
After a decade in business we realized that not everyone has access to the
support and education they need. After much personal trial and error, we are on
a mission to help others succeed online!

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